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Brighten the space with these glittery sunflower coasters! With a beautiful holder with rubber feet to hold everything safely in place, use this set of four (4) coasters anywhere in your home or get them as a gift for your favorite sunflower-lover.

These coasters are meant for cold beverages only; high heat may alter the epoxy resin and damage the product. To avoid yellowing and heat alteration, keep out of direct sunlight. This resin is not food safe and product is not intended for oral use. This item is NOT dishwasher safe. To wash, use mild dish soap and a soft cloth.

Please note that with handmade, 2-part resin products, some imperfections listed below may occur that do not adversely affect the final product:
~air bubbles
~uneven edges
~specks of color flakes
~slight discoloration

Glitter Sunflower Coaster Set

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